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Redeploy IT Staff to Fill Changing Demands during COVID-19 Crisis Management

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Locate new areas of demand, select the right employee, retrain, and redeploy.

Decide how to respond to the evolving situation

CXO Advice 1 - Cost cutting Explore any cost-cutting alternatives to layoffs, for example placing employees on unpaid leave or moving a significant portion of the workforce to part-time.
CXO Advice 2 – Redeployment If redeployment has been identified as a solution for departments experiencing work demand excesses or shortages
CXO Advice 3 – Layoffs If the layoff threshold has been met or there are non-redeployable roles in departments experiencing demand shortages,

Redeployment of existing resources to new roles offers a low-cost, low-risk way to introduce new skills into the IT department.

Shortlist your candidates for redeployment by looking for solid performers with existing abilities that match the new job responsibilities.

Evaluate redeployment by examining:

  • Benefits offered by the redeployed resource

  • The costs of transition

  • Alternatives to redeployment

On the basis of the value calculation, determine which employees (if any) you should redeploy.


  • Redeployment should be the first and last option you consider for bringing new skills into the IT department.

  • Start by defining your list of target positions and candidate roles for redeployment.

  • Create your redeployment shortlist by looking for employees with solid performance history and abilities overlap.

  • For each redeployment on your shortlist, assess whether the redeployment makes economic sense. Look at the value of the employee in the new position, the costs to transition, and the value of alternatives.

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